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Staging Your Home For a Faster Sale

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When selling your home it is important to take advantage of every trick in the book to get your home sold as fast as possible and for top dollar. One of these tricks is called Home Staging.

Home Staging is a proven system for preparing properties for sale. It helps to make your house seem bigger, brighter, cleaner and an ideal dwelling for almost any prospect that inspects your home. Staging helps prospects visualize themselves in the house and allows them to mentally make it their home.

Home Staging is not designed to make your house more liveable for you and your family. In fact, it is a bit of hardship to live in a staged house during the selling process. You and your family will literally be out of your comfort zone. Everything that makes your house your home will for the most part be gone. But remember: this is only temporary.

Having your house on the market can make things challenging for you and your family. At times, your agent will give you short notice that a "hot prospect" wants to see your home right away impacting you and your family. So anything that can shorten the time on the market, like Home Staging, will be well worth it, even if it means a little more temporary discomfort.

Home Staging is more than just cleaning, painting, and making repairs. Your aim is to present your home in the best possible light to win the hearts of prospective buyers. With Staging, the focus is shifted from the furnishings to the home itself, the views, the space and the unique features of the property. Staging is about getting your house sold.

Home Staging involves de-personalizing your house, reducing the furnishings to bare minimums and creating vignettes inside each room. It may also include the use of the accessories to highlight your home’s best architectural features. Common accessories might include:

  • Mirrors
  • Cut flowers in attractive vases
  • Fresh fruit
  • Up lights, table lamps and floor lights
  • Ottomans
  • Pillows and baskets
  • Scented soap bars
  • Fresh towels
  • Iron-crisp bed sheets

You might be tempted to feel that since you''''re selling your house and moving to a new one, you don''''t want to invest any more money into your existing property and save that money for your new home.  Do not make this mistake!

If your house doesn''''t have that certain appeal and lacks attention to detail, real estate agents will be less inclined to show the property, simply because they know what your competition is doing and their time and their buyer''''s time is valuable—why waste it on a property they know most buyers will pass on?


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