How to Make Your Garage Sale Fun and Profitable

Rather than discarding what you may no longer use or want, a yard or garage sale can help you clear clutter and earn some extra cash. A garage sale can be a profitable and fun way to make sure items you no longer use or want are reused. Holding a garage sale is easy to do and all it takes is some time, a few organizational skills, and some marketing and you will be on your way to turning your junk into cash.

The following are some tried-and-true tips for a successful garage sale:

1. Planning
The success of your garage sale depends on how well you organize for this big event. You should prepare yourself several weeks in advance as you have to sort, clean, test, repair, label and count all items included in the sale. Choose a date that will not conflict with holidays. The weekends are a better choice than weekdays because more people are likely to show up. You should also consult your real estate agent about any pertinent bylaws from your municipality as certain cities control the number and length of garage sales in their area. Ask neighbours if they want to take part in a neighbourhood sale as this will give your sale a party atmosphere, which will draw larger crowds.

2. Items for Sale
You should display and sell practical household goods, bicycles, children’s toys, clothes, sports equipment and garden tools in your garage sale. All items should be clean, polished, and in good repair. Remember to limit yourself to the sale of used personal items, otherwise, you'll need a permit and GST/PST registration numbers if you are selling new items.

3. Advertising
As the big day approaches, promote your event effectively to attract as many people as possible. Put up posters in your neighbourhood to promote your event and write your address in big letters and don't forget to include the date and time of your garage sale. Make sure that the poster is legible from 10 to 15 metres away. You could also place a classified ad in your neighbourhood newspaper, distribute flyers to your neighbours, and get your family and friends to help spread the word about your garage sale.

4. Displaying Your Items
Before your event begins, ensure that you display your items attractively in neat and clean surroundings. Place things in categories as it will look more attractive. Place the more desirable items toward the back so browsers can notice other merchandise on their way to the best items.

5. The Big Day
On the day of your garage sale put up a big poster with balloons at the end of your street as well as the busiest intersection near your house to attract and direct people. Be ready early because the real garage sale pros tend to be early birds. Mark the price of articles and leave some room for bargaining. Don't be too rigid about the prices because you are having fun while cleaning out your house and garage. Make sure you have change, bags, boxes and tissue paper for fragile items and remember to have an extension cord and batteries to test that certain items are in working order. Use your garage sale as an opportunity to mingle with the neighbours and create a sense of community. Be creative and have fun! Mark the season of spring as your time to clean up your house and discard items that are cluttering the garage and house. Throwing a garage sale will help you do just that while having fun and enjoying a sunny afternoon.

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